If you talked to my husband, Ken Spears, over the past five years, you probably would have heard him talk about opening a craft brewery. I have never met a man more passionate about beer. When we first met back in 2008, he held out a craft beer from Propeller Brewing Co. (Halifax) for me to try.  I took a sip and was taken aback by the rich malty tastiness. Tasting a good craft beer for the first time is kind of like tasting an oyster or an olive or a fine cheese for the first time… you don’t really understand what’s happening in our mouth and then after a few more tries, you are hooked for life.

We moved to PEI in 2011 and Ken worked as an electrician between here and Alberta while I travelled the world as a touring musician. We were like two ships passing in the night. He’d be flying off to Alberta to work a two week shift and I’d be just arriving home after a two week tour and then I’d be heading off and he’d be arriving home.  We decided that we wanted to find a way to be together more in our home and in our community.  We also decided that we wanted to create something special for our town, we wanted to find way to bring people together and what better way than through both of our passions;  craft beer & music. Ken had been brewing batches of beer in his “nanobrewery” at our Sturgeon home for many years and previous to that had fallen in love with brewing when he worked for Propeller Brewing Co. in 2004. I’ll let him tell you all about that in our next Brews News blog.

Copper Bottom Brewing Opening Summer 2017!

[The Fire Hall at 567 Main St in the 1960’s and the soon-to-be home of Copper Bottom Brewing]

We found the most perfect location at 567 Main Street. It’s a beautiful old building that has so much character and history not to mention one of the best views in all of Montague. The Eastern Graphic newspaper has been so kind to pass the torch along to us supporting us in our dream of opening Kings County’s first craft brewery.  The brewery will be located on the bottom level of the building as it has high ceilings perfect for the nearly 12 foot high beer fermenters.  The high ceilings were a left over feature from when the building was Montague’s local fire station. The upstairs of the building will be the tap room and event space, a place to come by and have a pint or grab a growler or cans to-go. As mentioned, I (Ashley Condon) have been traipsing around the world for the past several years and have met many wonderful musicians and artists from all over. I look forward to welcoming them to our cozy taproom at Copper Bottom Brewing. My handy (and handsome) husband will be head of brewing operations. His attention to detail far outweighs mine so I’m happy that we have each found our strengths in bringing this project to fruition 😉

Building A Brewery…Building A Community

Next to getting married, this is the biggest thing that Ken and I have ever done. It is an incredible undertaking and I’m thrilled to be doing it with my husband, my community and everyone that finds their way into this story. Microbreweries are popping up all over North America with over 40 in Nova Scotia alone. Craft  breweries are becoming the community gathering spots, the place to go for a pint or two after work or on a Saturday afternoon to share in good conversation and merriment. Craft breweries of all sizes are becoming the heart of the cities and small towns and a place for folks to call their own.  We are so thrilled that Copper Bottom Brewing will join this exciting movement and be Montague’s first and very own craft brewery.

Please join us as we head into the next stage of this exciting process (gulp). Stay close by to our Brews News for more blog posts like this one and join us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Bottoms up!


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